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Divorce Valuations


Divorce Valuations

We are experienced in handling sensitive matters at some of the most challenging times in life. Separating from one’s partner is clearly a stressful and emotional time and one wants to have quality, impartial professional advice in order to help resolve some of the key issues such as the value of the property assets held jointly.

The law surrounding these matters is comparatively complex and we can adapt our services to provide the required form of documents to satisfy the specific circumstances. Whether as Single, Joint Expert (SJE) Civil Procedure Rule Part 35 providing information to the Court as an Expert Witness, or acting directly for the parties, we understand the requirements of differing circumstances and work within the appropriate context in order to help settle the valuation of assets in order to help derive an agreeable settlement.

We can undertake a Red Book valuation under the guidance of the RICS protocols in order to derive the market value of the assets as an impartial Expert in order to give some specific figures for subsequent discussion and negotiation between the parties or, in some instances, to advise the Court as an Expert Witness. Acting as a Single Joint Expert (SJE) is a highly cost-effective way to progress and saves the parties duplication in fees. We act as an impartial, honest broker between the parties providing the open market value.

We have many years’ experience in this field and would be delighted to work with you in order to help to progress your discussions and help to reduce stress levels and derive an amicable settlement.

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